Mussulo III, one of the favorites in the Alcatrazes race, and the new boat Mussulo 40 are present in the most traditional competition in Latin America. The event takes place between the 1st and 9th of July in Ilhabela, Sao Paulo.

Angola Cables advances to new steps in its telecommunications project in Brazil, which includes the construction of undersea cables SACS (South Atlantic Cable System) and Monet, stations for cables and a modern Data Center, all installed in Fortaleza. To celebrate its new phase in the country, the company has expanded its investment in sponsoring boats participating in the 43rd edition of Ilhabela Sailing Week.

Two boats sponsored by the company will compete in Ilhabela Sailing Week. Mussulo III, already known due to recent achievements, will have a crew composed of 11 members, two Angolans and the rest Brazilians, including the experienced commander José Guilherme Caldas in dispute of of RGS class tryouts. The novelty is the new boat, Mussulo 40 for the first time in Brazil to participate in races in the IRC category.

Since 2014 we have been sponsoring sports events in Angola, related to sailing, and we intend to maintain this tradition. We are a company passionate about the sea and Brazil has great water sportsmen which motivates us to invest increasingly in this form of sport. Add to that the fact that our core business is fully engaged with sailing, in a way that both racing boats and the fiber optic submarine cables that we are building have the ability to impact people’s life’s, connecting cultures and to promote the development of business in an intercontinental way”, says António Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables and yachtsman in his spare time.

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