How can an African company, founded in 2009, triumph in Brazil on a restricted sector? That was the challenge for Angola Cables, that decided to use sport as a mean to get business in the country. After receiving an invitation from the company, Máquina do Esporte”, an online sports magazine, accompanied two boats sponsored by the brand to the Sailing Week in Ilhabela, one of the most traditional events of this type of sport.

Angola Cables is a telecommunications company specialized in submarine cables. To enter the Brazilian market, the company made an investment of US$ 300 million, approximately R$ 1 billion, in the construction of direct links between Angola, the United States and Brazil. Their customers are the communication operators present in the country. The SACS project, for example, connected Luanda to Fortaleza, with a fiber optic connection that crossed the Atlantic.

However, the process of entering the Brazilian market is not easy for a company still unknown and coming from a less developed country. “What we are doing, from a business point of view, is very adventurous. It is an Angolan investment for the world. This in itself is an adventure. We need to build credibility to gain a good name and the acceptance of the people that will buy our product” said António Nunes, company’s CEO.

This is the second year that Angola Cables is present in the Brazilian circuit of sailing, but the investment started in Angola. In its country of origin, the company gained publicity when it sponsored the crossing from Cape Town, in South Africa, to Rio de Janeiro on a sailboat. The route will be repeated this year.

The sought symbolism is obvious: the boats represent Angola Cables ability to cross the seas efficiently. Therefore, the victory this year has become a stated goal of Nunes. In 2015, the team managed to reach third place in Ilhabela’s race. The plan now is to win to get recognition. However, the company will not reveal how much has been invested in this sports “adventure”.

Besides the analogy, Angola Cables also uses the event in a more traditional way, since it is an elite sport. “Sailing is not a cheap sport. Only CEO’s and directors compete in sailing at this level. So we use it to get to those people in a more relaxed way”, said Nunes

Source: “Máquina do Esporte”

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