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Why internet access isn’t just a connectivity issue for the developing world

In the next ten years emerging markets will experience ever-greater opportunities for their own economic advancement, but only if they can take advantage of the transformative power of the internet.


The Changing World of Subsea Cables

There are well recognised benefits to developing economies from investing in connectivity. However, the most pressing problems with facilitating the creation of new business and economic growth is a lack of the legacy infrastructure that has slowly been built in developed economies over the past 150 years.


My detox smoothie

A lot of you guys have been asking for the recipe of the detox smoothie that I drink every morning, so today we’re sharing it with you guys! In the first month of when I first gave birth to Chloe, my mom stayed with me and made me this every single morning. And now I’m still continuing to drink this and it’s been helping me a lot in shedding the baby weight and achieving a healthier glow!