Source: ITWeb

Multinational ICT solutions provider Angola Cables has introduced IP_Flex, a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option designed specifically for ISPs to meet the escalating demand for data and IP transit services.

According to a statement released to the media, IP_Flex is described as ‘an always-on solution’ to ensure that ISPs have a dedicated and direct connection to CDNs, OTTs, IXPs and cloud service providers preventing any disruption to data services for customers and end users.

The product is ideally suited for ISPs looking to manage their carrier connectivity requirements during this period of high – and volatile demand for data, according to Angola Cables.


Fanie Pretorius, Regional SA Director of Angola Cables says that continuous connectivity to IXPs and datacentres, peering points and cloud services is critical – especially in this current period and with lockdown measures resulting in more and more enterprises and people having to work remotely.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in record statistics in terms of data traffic. This can result in congestion over certain IP transit nodes, however with IP-Flex, customers are guaranteed connections without disruptions,” says Pretorius.

Angola Cables says ISPs making use of this customised solution also have the added option of customising their payment schedules in order to better manage their cashflows given the challenges of the current economic environment.