Angonap Data Center was installed when entering WACS as a traffic delivery point in the Angolan market. Today, besides housing Angola’s IXP, it is also the highest point of traffic exchange of the country, housing equally several banking agents and suppliers of local and international content.

Key features:

  • Several ways of access for fiber customers (3 different locations);
  • AC and DC power, with dual power supplies;
  • Specific air conditioning systems for telecommunications environments;
  • Systems of detection and fire fighting;
  • Support infrastructures dedicated to energy and telecommunications systems (buried piping in different cables mats for cables and fibers);
  •  Permanent surveillance (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), both physically and by the supervision of systems;
  • High level of access to Sangano station (CLS) through connectivity by redundant fiber cables of different operators;
  • Infrastructure ready to accommodate future growth.

Biggest point of interconnection between operators in Angola, where:

  • National operators will have access to international calls;
  • National operators can interconnect with each other;
  • The national IXP is located at (Angonix);
  • ISPs and large consumers can access the IP Transit.