Cape Verde’s POP will soon be operational, it will be installed in the submarine cable station of Cape Verde. It will have 2 racks installed in the Angola Cables Area Angola, with 1 Rack Fat and 1 Racl Slim. The equipment will have the ability to receive multiple STM16 circuits.

Available ports:

  • STM1 port (4);
  • STM4 port (4);
  • Fast Ethernet port (8+7);
  • Gib Ethernet port (2);
  • DS3 port (3).

Possibilities of marketing:

  • High-speed circuits like STM1 and Superior in Cape Verde;
  • Low output circuits – Under STM1; DS3, E1, etc;
  • Ethernet circuits;
  • Sell ​​interconnectivity with operators present in Cape Verde;
  • Sell ​​Virtual Private Networks (VLAN);
  • Sale of BH between WACS CLS and Cape Verde.