Looking Glass

The Looking Glass 37468 is a public platform available online that allows you to execute commands and check the performance of Angolan Cables network in different points of presence “PoPs”. It is a public access service with a copy of the BGP routing table or permissions to execute commands remotely.
Commands available on the Looking Glass 37468:

  • PING- Allows you to test connectivity, response time in the transmission or reception of packets (latency) within Angola Cables network.
  • TRACE – Allows you to check the best route or paths (jumps) that an IP packet passes through to reach a specific destination through Angola Cables network.
  • BGP – Allows you to identify the traffic interest, the path taken between various ISP’s (AS-PATH), shows the networks that are being announced and the preference of the routes on Angola Cables network.

The Looking Glass 37468 is available in the public area, duly protected and with permissions to run commands remotely via the web.

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