Which is the mission and vision of Angola Cables?

Angola Cables mission is to support the development of telecommunications in Angola and Africa. Its vision is to be a Hub of telecommunications in Africa.

What are its infrastructures?

WACS Submarine System, Angonap, Angonix, Sangano submarine Station, POP´s international presence points in Lisbon, Madrid, Marseille, Frankfurt, London, Johannesburg and Palmarejo.

What impact does Angola Cables have on the Internet development in Angola?

Seeing that its mission is to support the development of telecommunications in Angola, Angola Cables is responsible for receiving and delivering much of the traffic generated at national level.

Seeing that it is a wholesale operator, Angola Cables delivers quality internet to national ISP’s which in turn hold local infrastructures and are responsible for bringing this connectivity to end consumers.

What is Angonix?

Angonix is the largest Angolan traffic exchange point enabling interconnection of different networks so that they may exchange information among themselves in the national territory.

What are the benefits of Angonix for Angola?

The major benefits are:

  • Immediate access to information;
  • Reduction in time for sending and receiving information;
  • Aggregation and distribution of content at national level;
  • Cost reduction.

What kind of energy does Angonap provide?

Angonap offers Alternating Current and Direct Current services.

Which is the space availability of Angonap?

It includes any available space, regardless of whether the space is empty or occupied. However, it may be available for subletting or at a future date.

What is a Neutral Data Centre?

It is a Data Centre with multiple operators where services are provided in a neutral way for the benefit of all members present in the Data Centre without preferential treatment.

What is the KWh?

Electric power is sold in the so-called kilowatt-hour units; 1 kWh is the amount of energy delivered in one hour at a 1000 watts power level. This “kilowatt-hour” (kWh) abbreviation is used mainly in writing.

What is a Cross Connect?

It is the capacity to interconnect with operators present within the same infrastructure. It may be using fibre or UTP cables.

What is WACS?

West Africa Cable System (WACS) is a submarine cable system in which Angola Cables is co-leader with several African and European telecommunication operators.

This system connects Angola to 10 African countries and 3 European countries. With this connection, Angola is becoming one of the major points of connection to the world, attracting to itself a whole value potential in the region. And with the optimization of the existing cables and the connection to WACS, Angola becomes self-sufficient in terms of international connections, both at broadband and voice communications level.

How are services delivered by subsea cables?

A subsea system includes several pairs of fibre and optical channels enabling voice and data transmission point to point or point to multiple points.

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