Angola Cables is a telecommunications operator engaged in marketing international voice and data circuits through subsea fibre optic cables. We are data centre operators as well. Our goal is to contribute to a global access to knowledge and information, through digital technology. Therefore, we keep on developing our network and ensuring that our customers and partners have access to the latest generation of communication technology.

We are the ideal partner for those who need international connectivity and high-quality Internet services, for those who want to be connected to information highways, as well as to host their IT systems in a safe, available and reliable place as regards their operation. We contribute to the development of successful companies and businesses, to bring communities together and to connect people. We believe that our infrastructures and connectivity network are an important factor for globalization and which allow us to play a relevant role in the progress and development of the existing communities in the areas of action of our customers and partners.

We are developing two digital interconnection poles (data centre in Fortaleza and Angonap in Luanda) interconnected by fibre optic subsea cable systems connecting the African, American and European continents. This high-capacity digital interconnection ring will be able to provide a unique solution for redundant interconnection around the Atlantic to the different agents in the market.                      

It is our intention to connect, thereafter, this ring to the Middle and Far East, making the Angola Cables solution a unique product of worldwide interconnection.





On the 5th June 2009, Angola Cables is founded, and it is also in this year that it enters the WACS consortium.



Beginning of the construction of Sangano’s underwater station.



Starts the construction of Angonap, and the Backbone of the connection between Sangano and Angonap is outlined.



Inauguration of WACS, Angonap and Sangano. Also in this year, Backbone is installed and the SACS projects begins.



Angola Cables is granted the Quality and Efficiency award. This is also the year they sign with Epsilon.

In the sea, Angola Cables boats shine in the Cape to Rio Race, increasing the brand’s popularity.



A feasibility study of the Data Center ADC is conducted and project Monet begins (with the signing of the consortium for construction in August and start of construction in October).



In March, the contract with the supplier for SACS is signed. At the beginning of the 4th quarter of the year, in September, Monet arrives in Fortaleza. WACS system is also restored.