Angola Cables has now got five distinct services: Colocation, IP Transit, Circuits, Angonix and ACloud Connect.
The diversification of new products and services is part of the future guaranteed by technology, where they are supported by the implementation of new subsea systems.

IP Transit

Internet access is made available by Angola Cables with the greatest possible responsibility and diversity. In order to ensure the network robustness, Angola Cables has several peering agreements at national and international level and is interconnected with the world’s largest IXPs, as well as with large content providers.

The Angola Cables network offers low latency, high speed, redundancy and international routes to the most wanted destinations. It provides operators and customers with web connection and access to national and international content.

The connection of Angola Cables network to large Tier 1 Internet operators enables connection to the main international Internet backbones. The ASN# 37468 ensures an efficient and fast network, interconnected to the major traffic exchange points in the world.

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The company sells international point-to-point dedicated circuits, both in its own connectivity network and by using partners’ infrastructures. This allows interconnection at international level, ensuring a continuous connectivity. The result is a secure service quality which meets the customer’s needs.

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Angonap is a neutral data centre located in Luanda and it is the traffic exchange point in Angola. In addition to Angonix (Angolan IXP) and DNS.AO, all Angolan telecom operators are located here as well as many of the main national digital market agents. Entities from various sectors of the economy such as the national banking and the media and multimedia agents are also present in the most active national centre.

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ACloud Connect

ACloud Connect is a cost-effective and secure connectivity service from Angola Cables that offers enterprises predictable performance of applications deployed in the cloud.

It also features a single interface to build and manage private connections to a range of global cloud services (e.g. MS Azure, AWS, Oracle and Google Cloud Platform).

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Angonix is run by Angola Cables, reinforcing its position at the forefront of the innovation sector. This main point of national Internet traffic exchange is at a fast-growing stage and intends to serve the entire region evenly.

It consists of a neutral platform of internet traffic exchange located in Luanda, Angola which minimizes distances among internet users aggregating and distributing content and data between national and international networks.

This platform is aimed at interconnecting global networks, network administrators and content providers to maintain local traffic and offer content providers and international network administrators a basis to establish themselves on the African continent.

The development of this ecosystem is being promoted by Angola Cables.

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