The Angola Cables team is making its final adjustments for the Ilhabela Sailing Week boat races. The event is  taking place between 20 and 28 July, in the city of Ilhabela, on the north coast of São Paulo.

Participation will take place over two legs. The first being Alcatrazes on Saturday 21st July, in which the boat Mussulo III will race given its greater suitability for longer routes. The crew will have the Angolan sailor José Guilherme Caldas as commander, Leonardo Chicourel as Skipper and nine other members, including Angola Cables CEO António Nunes and a special guest – former volleyball player Ida Alvares, a bronze medallist at the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996.

“The boat is prepared, with a crew that knows the boat well. We hope to find stronger winds this time, since in the last edition we were greatly damaged by their absence,” commented José Guilherme Caldas.

Between the 25th and 28th the Angola Cables team will then race with the HPE class with Mussulo 25, a smaller 25-foot boat for four people. The crew will be José Guilherme Caldas and the trio of Bahians, Leonardo Chicourel, Rafael Martins and Beto Vita.

José Guilherme Caldas added: “Mussulo 25 is a lighter and more dynamic boat. It is a new class for us, but we are preparing properly. We even hired a well-trained coach to help us prepare. As we get closer to the event we are continuing with our final training and adjustments.”


About Angola Cables

Angola Cables is an Angolan telecommunications multinational, founded in 2009, operating in the wholesale market, whose main business is the commercialization of capacity in international voice and data circuits through fiber optic submarine cable systems. It is one of the largest shareholders of WACS (West Africa Cable System) providing operator-level services to operators in Angola and the sub-Saharan region, thus becoming one of the largest wholesale IP providers in the region.

Its main projects – SACS and Monet – will interconnect three continents: South America, North America and Africa, as well as the Fortaleza Data Center, a Level III facility that will interconnect its cable systems creating a highly connected network.